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Interview with Matty James Cassidy

Photo by Ronan McGrade Where do you think your passion for music came from? Hard to know, but I got the bug young and that was it. My parents always listened to a lot of music and my brother who plays in the band with me paved the way by learning guitar. That’s probably why I started out as a drummer, so we could start a band. What is your method for coming up with new songs? I usually get a notion for a song first. A melody, a chorus, a line, sometimes just a word will fall from the sky without warning and you have to stop and take note, then I carry it around for a while until one day I’m sitting with a guitar and the rest comes together. Usually quite quickly. I have a theory that the longer a song takes to write, the longer it takes the listener to get it, so I don’t struggle for it. The best ones come in a flash. If it isn’t working I forget about it, put it back in my pocket and keep it with me a while longer, sometimes years, until the time is right. What are your plan

Album Review: The Outlaw Orchestra - Pantomime Villains

So, I seemed to have talked about The Outlaw Orchestra a lot. That's because I positively fell in love with their sound from the first moments I have their music. They've taken two of my favourite genres, rock 'n' roll and bluegrass, and blended them together into a fantastic musical stew that can be enjoyed by anyone. I've also had the great pleasure of seeing them live a few times now and, let me tell you, they are nothing short of brilliant. Bringing all their great tunes and serving it up with fantastic showmanship and stage presence. Simply put they are one of the best underground rock bands going around in the UK today. I ain't just saying that I genuinely feel that way. So, I have had the opportunity to take an early listen to their new upcoming album Pantomime Villains . It's an amalgamation of some of their most popular songs that they play at gigs and given the full-on studio treatment. So a very enjoyable listen for those who have gone to thei

Album Review: Ashley McBryde - Never Will

I remember first discovering Ashley McBryde and being absolutely floored by this woman. Her album Girl Going Nowhere was simply sensational and filled with stellar songwriting and well-performed production. I then had the opportunity to see her live in concert at, Country 2 Country Festival in Dublin and again she just left me with my jaw on the floor. She is everything I want in a performer. Confident, commanding and fun. So, when I heard she was releasing her follow up this year I knew it was something I had to listen to. Her latest release Never Will is another strong record with more of that good old southern charm that made me enjoy her music in the first place.  Right from the word go, this album really hits you in the feel. Ashley is a fantastic songwriter and storyteller. She adds just enough detail into her lyrics to help you imagine the scenarios that she is depicting and sings with enough conviction to get you in the right emotional mindset of the characters in her s

Album Review: Jasmine Cain - Seven

I was wondering what my first album review of the year would be. Browsing around the world wide web, or you know social media and I got lucky. I managed to get a review copy of the new album from a singer-songwriter that I am a big fan of. I spoke to Jasmine Cain last year on this blog, click here to read , about her upcoming album Seven which I have been looking forward to for quite a while.  I have always liked Jasmine's hard rock stylings, it feels like the mainstream hard rock that you would hear all over the place but with that southern grit that makes her stand out amongst her contemporaries. Her Nashville accent mixed with the crunchy guitar riffs give her more of a southern rock vibe and you guys know how much I like that kind of sound. Her songwriting has always captivated me and drawn me in and was looking forward to more with this new album. So, now that I have had the chance to listen to the album a few times, what do I think of it? Well... I think it's pretty

Interview: 10 Questions with Morphide

I love discovering new bands that I really feel I can get behind. That feeling of finding a band that really speaks to you and brings emotions to the surface. That was the feeling I had when I first watched the video for "Enter The Storm" by the band Danish, progressive metal Morphide. I was immediately floored and really wanted to find out more about the band for myself and how they make music. I also wanted to know more about the video for "Enter The Storm" and how that was produced. So on this blog, I speak with Morphide's vocalist, Eissa Zhovnerchuk and guitarist, Chris Konovalovs about the band's music and their love of music. Where do you think your passion for music came from? Eissa: I think it was always there. This is something I was born with. Even from just listening to music I was getting so powerful emotions! No wonder that music became my addiction, and not only in terms of listening. At the age of 8 I was already attending singing and piano

My 20 Favourite Albums of 2019

Another year goes by and once again, I have catalogued my top 20 albums of the year. I thought it was going to be a lot harder to make my list this year, but when it came down to it, it really wasn't much of a decision. I mean there have been many times this year where I have said that a certain album was the best of the year, but when I really thought about it, my album of the year is the one I listen to the most. Something so captivation that it rewards repeated listens. So, that's the criteria I judge on. 2019 was a year filled with some amazing music. The records I have been listening to are one with excellent songwriting, brilliant musicianship and a lot of powerful emotions. Now, this is purely my own opinion and obviously, you are free to your own opinion, I just wanted to get my favourites out there. As always, if you haven't listened to any of the below, then please take the time to listen as it's all good music. 20. Swamp Born Assassins - Dead Man's Tr